MaxFactory's voluptuous Morrigan figure is on its way to seduce you

Mar 03 // Eva Duenas

The figures presented at Wonder Hobby 9 are slowly making their way to be available for pre-order on online retailers. This Morrigan from Vampire Savior is the next installment in the Kinu Nishumura collection. If you're unfamiliar with the masterpieces within the Nishimura collection, let this Mai figure refresh your memory.

This sexy figure isn't exactly on the cheap side since it'll cost you 12,800 yen. Based on 1/6 scale, Morrigan is all hips and lips and I know there isn't anyone than can complain about it. HobbySearch and ToysLogic have her available for pre-order and will be released in July 2009.

[via AmiAmi]

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