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Max Factory shows a few teasers for WonFes

9:00 PM on 02.08.2013 // Tianxiao Ma

I don't feel teased by these at all.

I always find these pixelated teaser shots obnoxious, but I think Max Factory really took it to a new level just now. They've teased three figures for Wonder Festival on their blog. Since I'm quite rubbish at figure identification, I've left it up to the folks at

Someone at MFC has discerned that the light-colored mass of blocks is Akane Isshiki from Vividred Operation. The weird shot that's just a gold face is Crystal Boy from Space Adventure Cobra. The last one is anybody's guess.

If you're really good at discerning things from a photo with less definition than the original NES's graphics, you should go work for the CIA! It's a much better use of your time than gazing at WonFes teasers.

[via figma blog]

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