MattyCollector's August sale starts in 3 days


MattyCollector's August 15th sale will begin in precisely 72 hours (or 12 p.m. EST). The sale will feature several new items including DCU Mirror Master, MotUC Sir Laser-lot, Voltron's the Blue Lion / Allura, and a JLU 3-pack (featuring Static of Static Shock!) as well as several reissues.

While probably not the most exciting sale, it does offer a few essentials. Click the jump for the full story.

First up is Mirror Master, whom I've previously discussed. You might remember that he's a Flash rogue with mirror-related gadgets. While his design is relatively plain, Mirror Master is definitely a decent addition and a somewhat vital rogue. Characters like this most suffer from being Matty exclusives since he's somebody a lot of people would be happy to see in a normal retail wave but might hesitate as a special order.

Mirror Master will retail for US$18 during the sale. I do intend on picking him up at some point but I think I might just wait for a later offering since he's my only real want this month.

I'm also a fan of the Blue Lion from Mattel's Voltron Classics line, partly for nostalgic reasons. It comes with Princess Allura who, in turn, comes with an alternate head.

I adore the designs for these new lions but I'm holding off just in case I want to get the whole set. Well, that and I've heard that the figures look & feel pretty cheap. What's not cheap, however, is the US$55 price tag.

Sven is the exclusive for Club Lion Force and, as such, isn't actually available in the sale despite being listed among the sale items. Sven was the blue lion's first pilot before being replaced by Allura. As far as exclusives go, I find Sven a little lame but I guess he works well as he completes the pilot set.

This month's Masters of the Universe Classics entry is Sir Laser-Lot, an original creation designed by DC Comics' current Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns. And, as far as designs go, I certainly wouldn't call it a great one. Still, I suppose some might be more into it so I won't be too harsh. Sir Laser-Lot will be available during the sale for US$22.

Also for sale will be an 8-inch Batman based on his The Dark Knight Rises appearance. I'm honestly not at all familiar with this figure but it seems to be at least as well articulated as the Movie Masters versions (and is a bit larger) except I believe with covered joints. He'll be US$25 during the sale which is probably a fair price for something like this. If Mattel ends up doing a Bane or Catwoman in the same style I'll probably pick it up but this one doesn't thrill me.

Remember Static Shock? The cartoon about the teen superhero with electrical powers? Oh c'mon, he cameoed with the Justice League (a la Justice League Unlimited) a few times plus I think he teamed up with the Batman Beyond Batman once.

At any rate, Static has been woefully underrepresented in figure form. I keep hoping that he'll find his way into DCU but I doubt it'll be any time soon. This iteration of the character is the future Static whom barely got any show-time in the cartoons. I mean, I think he showed up in one Batman Beyond episode at the end and then just in the Justice League Unlimited episode "The Once and Future Thing" (as far as I'm aware his younger version never appeared in the cartoon). However, this appearance is enough to justify giving him a JLU figure.

Static is accompanied by Aquagirl and Micron in this 3-pack which will be on sale for US$30.

Of course, no Matty sale would be complete without the inevitable reissues. This month sees the return of Grizzlor, Chief Carnivus, and Bow (image not to scale). I personally own Chief Carnivus (middle) and he's a decent enough figure. Carnivus (a 2000s character) shares a few parts with Beast Man although the two look distinctly different.

Bow (right) is a She-Ra character. I like the design somewhat but likely will never purchase one. Grizzlor (left) uses fake fabric fur of which I'm not fond although it's a delightful throwback to the original line. All three figures will be available for US$22 each.

The final reissue is the Eternian Palace Guards 2-pack. It was a fairly popular item which quickly sold out during the original release but has since been reissued a few times. It includes two figures with a set of two alternate, bestial heads and two alternate chest plates. These figures are among the few army builders available in the line and the swappable bits seem to kill birds with one stone. As a casual enthusiast of the line, they're not something I've been all that interested in. For those who more interested than I, the set will be US$44 during the sale.

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