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Matty Collector taking orders for Club Filmation

12:00 AM on 02.12.2013 // Scarecroodle

A mid-season club? But... but... this is so unorthodox!

Matty Collector has revealed that many of those leaked Masters figures seen last week (who subsequently appeared at Toy Fair) will be part of a new club which opens registration immediately.

Club Filmation will devoted to heroes and villains seen in the Filmation cartoon series and appears to be devoted to more obscure characters who may have only appeared in the cartoon. The club will consist of six figures (priced US$25 each, before shipping and tax) and doesn't seem to include an exclusive item. Given that this will presumably be a smaller release, Mattel has warned that the figures may or may not be available during the general sales (although, if they are, it will likely be at a mark-up).

The three figures slated to appear so far are Batros (in July), Icer (in August; irony noted), and Shokoti (in September). As previously mentioned, I like Shokoti's design and may pick her up but I just don't feel as strongly about the other two. I will, however, acknowledge that Batros's design is very cool. But what say you, good people of Tomopop?

[ Join the Club at Matty Collector ]

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