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Matty Collector starts the savings early with 7 Days of Cyber Monday sale

1:20 AM on 11.24.2016 // Scarecroodle

A chance to save

Matty Collector started its Black Friday & Cyber Monday celebration on Wednesday, with a 40% off sale on an array of older items and -- to top it off -- free shipping on all orders.

While the savings are slightly less than last year's (and it's a 7-day promo instead of a 8-day one), on the plus side there's no minimum order amount on the free shipping offer and there are quite a few new(er) items on sale. Also notably absent are the "Daily Deals" that we saw last year.

The newer selection includes quite a few items from 2015 (including most of Club 200x; the only thing missing is the exclusive Queen Grayskull) as well as some con exclusives (meaning I might pick up the Wilykit & Wilykat 2-pack). And, of course, if you missed anything last year, quite a few of those items are on sale again.

On the whole, I suppose it's not an impressive sale compared to previous years but at least it gives you a chance to pick up some great items at a decent discount WITH that free shipping offer. Of course, the coolest items sold out almost immediately, but there are still a lot of great collectibles in-stock.

[ Order at Matty Collector ]

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