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Mattel will cheer you up when you're feeling Blue Lion

9:00 AM on 06.17.2012 // Scarecroodle

The lucky folks over at Action Figure Insider (AFI) have a review up for the Blue Lion (and Allura) from Mattel's Voltron line. Why are they lucky? Because they have one while the rest of us have to wait for MattyCollector's August sale. But on the plus side, we get to see some images of the fourth lion. That's cool, right?

Of all the Voltron lions, the Blue Lion is probably the one I feel the most affinity towards if only (actually, pretty much only ...) because it was the sole lion that I've owned. So join me after the jump where I'll compare CaptainCollector's photos of this awesome new Blue Lion with my dusty, old, half-broken Blue Lion. C'mon, it'll be fun!

[via AFI]

The first thing you'll notice (besides the fact that I clearly don't believe in dusting) is that the Mattel Blue Lion is less shiny. The color on the Mattel one is obviously a lot nicer, as is the sculpt. By the way, I have no idea as to the make of my Blue Lion and should mention that any damage seen likely occurred prior to my ownership.

The screw nostril is only on this side of the face, which makes it rather unfortunate that the original review photo had to be facing this direction instead of the other one.

Roaring blue

Whereas the new Mattel Blue Lion can keep its mouth open, my older version has a spring that snaps the mouth shut. I guess the mouth-snap was supposed to be some kind of action feature. The poseability that comes with not having said gimmick is a lot nicer, though.

For added fun I figured I'd compare how well both function as a leg. I somewhat prefer the look of the older one. You know, if it wasn't so beaten up.

I'm also fond of the cheap stickers adorning the older Blue Lion. Between the stickers, the metallic paint, and the metallic bits, this lion has a rather striking look to it.

However, the newer ones have a lot of cool features like this mini-cockpit that fits the included pilot figure. How cool is that?

If you're interested in picking up the Mattel Blue Lion, it'll be among's August sale items and will retail for US$55.

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