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Mattel reveals some big SDCC 2010 exclusives on G4's Attack of the Show

10:30 PM on 04.12.2010 // Robert Oden

If there's one place as a toy company that you've got to be prepared to "bring it" nowadays, it is San Diego Comic Con. If the exclusives Mattel unveiled on tonight's episode of G4's "Attack of the Show" are any indication, it's about to be brought in a big way.

First off from Master of the Universe Classics, we have Orko (who color changes in hot water!!!) with his "accessory" Prince Adam. Adam comes with an alternate head and a classic pink sword. Orko also comes with his magic wand and spell book.

For DC Universe Classics fans, Mattel showed off their brand new Plastic Man! Ole' Plasty comes with a ton of bendy appendages as well as a suitcase body which will be exclusive to SDCC attendees.

In store for the DC Infinite Heroes line is the Justice League box set, commemorating the first appearance of the Justice League along with their first villain, the evil Starro. The set comes with the original Members of the League , A huge Starro the Conqueror, as well as several Starro parasites perfect for making mindless drones out of all of your figures.

To see more, watch the segment here or check out the gallery. I don't know about you guys but I am pumped for Orko/ Adam and Plastic Man. Are any of you going to try chase any of these exclusives down?

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