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Mattel adds more heavy metal to DCU with Pb, Pt, & Sn

12:00 PM on 12.11.2012 // Scarecroodle

Do you remember your periodic table?

(Header may not accurately represent Lead's height)

Mattel concludes their DCU Metal Men line-up (minus Dr. Magnus) with Lead, Platinum, and Tin; all of whom will be featured in Matty's December sale. The Metal Men are a team largely unknown outside of comics (they've appeared in the comic-friendly cartoon Batman: The Brave and the Bold but that's about it) and even within comics they're somewhat marginal (I best remember them for their role in the Justice limited series). Each of the Metal Men (or metal people, technically) is a robot with a design heavily incorporating their metallic namesake.

Given their obscurity, the Metal Men seem an unlikely candidate for Mattel's DC Universe imprints. However, the first Metal Man (Iron) appeared in DC Universe Classics wave 12 and was shortly followed by Gold in the Wal-Mart exclusive wave 14 then Mercury in wave 15. Given Mattel's insane conservatism regarding what DCU figures actually go to retail these days, the three remaining Metal Men were a natural fit for their Matty-exclusive DC Signature Collection / Club Infinite Earths. And all three will be sold this month.

First let's have a look at Lead, who is listed as an over-sized figure. While often depicted as a wider character, his height seems to have varied in the comics with early appearances putting him among the shortest on the team and, as such, I'm really not sure how tall the figure is supposed to be. Between his listed "over-sized" status and resemblance to DCUC12 Darkseid, I would guess he's about 9-inches tall (meaning that the one seen at SDCC wasn't a 2up). Lead strikes me as being a little generic but that's mostly owed to his actual character design. The head-sculpt shows a fair deal of personality, though, with that jolly expression. For those interested, Lead will run you US$30 US$35 when he goes on sale.

Platinum and Tin are thankfully packaged together. The Signature Collection has seemingly cut corners when it comes to accessories so I'm happy to see that Mattel decided to use Tin as a pack-in rather than doing another multi-pack of smaller characters (a la Green Lantern Classics wave 2). Tin, the shortest of the Metal Men, seems even smaller than usual. Despite also lacking in articulation (the only movement seems to be at the head), Tin has a pretty cool sculpt and is definitely among the better-looking Metal Men. That said, Platinum is obviously the bigger draw.

Platinum features a fairly standard-looking female mold (with the usual Metal Man bits tossed on top) yet still manages to look great. Part of the appeal is owed to the mix of a solid face-sculpt (albeit similar to most ones used) and good-looking hair. Although the promotional photos of Platinum look great, her reflective metallic paint didn't photograph well for Tomopop at SDCC 2012. One naturally hopes the effect isn't that bad in person. The Platinum & Tin pack will be sold for US$18 on 12/17.

Despite not being a Metal Men fan, there's some chance that I'll pick up Lead and/or the Platinum/Tin pack. Lead seems a pretty good value while the Platinum/Tin pack is cool.

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