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Masterpiece Soundwave and Encore Fortress Maximus Delayed

7:00 PM on 11.11.2012

Jeremy Emerje Crocker

Associate Editor

Two major releases get delayed for 2013

Cybergundam is reporting that two major upcoming Transformers releases are getting delayed. Masterpiece Soundwave was supposed to see release on December 15, 2012, but is now scheduled for January 26, 2013. That's a fairly lengthy delay for such a highly anticipated and much demanded new release. Hopefully the delay will mean they can produce more figures for the release and give us more opportunities for pre-orders as most shops have long since sold out. The second delay goes to Encore 23 Fortress Maximus. He started with a late February release window, but is now scheduled for March 30, 2013. For some of us this isn't such a bad thing, just gives us a better chance of using our tax returns to pay for such an expensive piece.

I'm actually kinda happy about the delays, but I'm sure others are feeling this, especially those wanting to have Soundwave in time for the holidays.

[via TFormers]

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Jeremy Emerje Crocker
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