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Marvel Select X-Men Colossus action figure has got that boom-boom-pow

10:00 AM on 09.03.2011
Marvel Select X-Men Colossus action figure has got that boom-boom-pow photo

My rationale for a Black-Eyed Peas reference may seem ridiculous, and it is, but just go with me here. I've always liked Colossus, no matter what. He's a Russian with a heart of gold and skin that can turn into solid steel. His costume has stayed relatively the same all these years and looks like that of a pro-wrestler. Dude is awesome. Okay, so I lied, it has nothing to do with the Black-Eyed Peas, but I still think that the Marvel Selects X-Men Colossus has the boom-boom-pow and possibly the super-sonic zow. That's a thing, right? Sure.

Towering over your puny 6" figures, Colossus is a mighty 8". Bow before him! He also has 16 points of articulation, which is just the sort of number I like to hear associated with articulation. I really wish I had one of these figures in my hands right now so I could just keep posing him again and again in an ultimate punching loop, slamming everything on my desk with fists that can shatter Stalin with a single blow. Did Colossus sucker-punch Stalin in a comic once? Maybe it was just a wonderful dream I had.

The price is relatively high for a standard action figure at US$19.99, but considering the solid detail work and textured paint job, I'd say it's money well-spent. You also get a random Danger Room trap which can combine with the pieces from the Marvel Selects Cyclops and Gambit figures to form a larger Danger Room trap, but come on, you aren't going to buy Colossus to have him roll out of the way of some metal spikes; You want him to mess up your other figures. In Soviet Russia, metal bends you! Ooh, I change my header! Damn, too late. Look for Colossus in December of this year.

[pre-order at Entertainment Earth]

Marvel Select X-Men Colossus action figure has got that boom-boom-pow photo

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