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Look out! Harley Quinn, Jessica Jones, Black Canary, and Man-Bat may be at a comic book shop near you

9:05 AM on 02.06.2017 // Scarecroodle

Ladies (and Bats) Night

Diamond Select Toys has an array of outstanding collectibles on the way to a comic book (or specialty) store near you. These items -- likely available right now as you're reading this -- are as follows:

Is it fair for DST to release so many great-looking items at once? I'd say it's cruel, really. On the plus side, they're reasonably priced. US$45 is still a bargain for the 9-inch scale figures. The Man-Bat resin bust is also a great-looking item at a fairly respectable US$60.

The Jessica Jones as Jewel and Black Canary are both amazing figures. Canary looks great rocking her recognizable power pose while Jessica Jones would look right at home next to DST's old Femme Fatales figures. Again, it's US$45 for a 9-inch figure. Great deal.

Be sure to look for these at a comic or specialty store near you. Otherwise, you can still order them directly from DST or through other online retailers.

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