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Little Gunpla, lots of Robot Damashii Gundam in new scans

8:30 AM on 12.22.2012 // Andres Cerrato

It's pronounced "k-see" Gundam

For the past couple of months, Gunpla has been a series of must have releases. Month after month has been filled with tons of new announcements. That's not really the case this month with the announcement of only one previously-unannounced kit, the HGUC Zaku II High Mobility Type Shin Matsunaga ver. It will be released in March for ¥1,600. 

However, the slow flow of news cannot be said for the Robot Damashii line. While we saw these as prototypes and display models, we're now getting the confirmation of their release. The massive announcement comes in the form of the Robot Damashii Ver. Ka Signature Xi Gundam. It's weird to see a spotlight on the relatively unknown novel Hathaway's Flash, but I will not complain at all since I love the designs. The release is massive as it looks to be twice as tall as the RD RX-78-2 Gundam. There's no price tag announced yet, but orders for it will begin on January 25th for its Tamashii Web Shop release in June 2013. Considering the Ver Ka Signature line is also looking at adding the Gundam MkV, I'm very enthused with the direction their taking.

The ol' fashioned Robot Damashii line is doing just fine as well. The next 30 days will see the releases of both the Gundam Epyon and Aegis Gundam, but it's what's coming in April that has me excited. April will see the release of the Aries from Gundam Wing. Better yet about the Aries is that it is indeed transformable. While I wish it were Gunpla, I'll gladly take an Aries any way I can get it. It will be released in April for ¥3,500. The other release for the month is the Extreme Gundam from the series of Gundam Extreme Vs. series of games. Being honest, I don't really like the design but it should at least make for an interesting figure. It will also be available in April for ¥4,200.

[Images via Cyber Gundam]

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