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Let Marvel characters light up your home

5:00 PM on 08.22.2012 // Scarecroodle

Remember when you were like five and you had a little character lamp in your room? I had a really neat light-up Winnie the Pooh which I absolutely adored. However, after seeing Westland Giftware's Marvel-themed lamps, I can't help but be a little jealous of modern-day tykes (although there's nothing wrong with a man-child owning one of these, right? Right?!).

The lamps are around 16 inches tall with a 6 or 7-inch resin statue built into the base. While Westland Giftware also has a DC Comics-themed line, what sets the Marvel ones apart are the lampshades depicting various comic panels featuring iconic action scenes (just look at that "FTOK!" sound as Thor punches the Destroyer, that had to hurt... presumably. "FTOK!" is a little vague compared to "BIFF!" or "POW!"). You can't help but crack a big ol' goofy smile looking at these lamps.

Westland Giftware has done some exceptional work here. The designs on these really come together nicely and make for bright, colorful display pieces with a decidedly retro flavor. The Thor lamp is easily my favorite from the set although the Captain America and Hulk ones are great as well. Poor Spider-Man seems the wallflower of the group as his lampshade looks a little plain and the accompanying statue is a little weird. You know, between the webbing coming from his butt and the fact that Spidey in a swinging pose yet is missing a webline.

If these statues bring out your inner child (or if you have a kid whose childhood you want to be better than yours was), you can order them today. They'll run you somewhere around US$60 each. Hopefully Westland Giftware will continue the line because I know that I'd love to see a Wolverine. How about you?

[ Order Captain America Thor Hulk Spider-Man from Entertainment Earth ]

[ Order Captain America Thor Hulk Spider-Man from Big Bad Toy Store ]

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