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Lego Poseidon will make you think twice about that cruise

12:00 PM on 10.14.2011 // Emily Smalara

It's always fun to see what creations people come up with from Lego, and this interesting little mythology nod from Legohaulic is no exception. While it might not be the most detailed construction we've seen, it's still got a lot of charm, and as a big myth geek it gets some extra props from me merely for the subject matter.

Sometimes it's even interesting to take a look at how small people can craft things while still making them recognizable, and it's a success here with that adorable little ship about to be dashed down upon the sea. Speaking of which, I also love seeing how different artists create the effect of moving water from Lego bricks, and this has done a pretty nice job of it. Finally, this is also a motorized float for the MocOlympics, which has quite a number of other impressive pieces to look over. Still, if you're looking to Greek mythology for inspiration, how about a little Eris next time?

[Via Super Punch]

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