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LEGO NES pad is for giants only--but it works!

1:00 PM on 01.23.2013 // Emily Smalara

Lego - custom

When I first heard about a working Lego Nintendo controller, I thought "Hey, this might be a fun yet rather painful way to play a game!" Well, it may indeed be both of those, but for a very different reason than I'd been expecting.

The awesomely named Baron Julius von Brunk instead crafted an absolutely enormous NES controller, more suitable for the hands of a Titan than your average cheeto-dusted gamer fingers. While it is indeed massive, amazingly it does work, though you may need to play in tandem to get any real enjoyment out of a game.

You can see the shots of the more than slightly complex wiring in the gallery, and to at least this untrained eye it looks like it was no small feat to get this whole thing together! It does make one wonder if anyone could fit the required wiring into a normal sized controller, but for now you'll have to make do with some couples gaming.

[via The Brothers Brick]

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