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Lego Desktop Series: Sky-Fi needs help to soar

6:00 PM on 08.07.2012 // Natalie Kipper

Lego CUUSOO, the money-less Kickstarter for future Lego kits, is host to many cool and innovative projects and now, another one has entered the fray, eager for support. rongYiren's project, Sky-Fi, is part of a proposed line of Lego models called the Desktop Series, which would be compact enough to display on one's desk. Series A is described as:

A slightly chibi-styled line of Sky-Fi aircraft that look just as good displayed on your work desk as they do swooshing down the office hallways, just don’t let your boss catch you having so much fun.

Series A, which the CUUSOO project page is for, includes models of the A-31 Agile Hawk Gunship, S-31 Hawkeye - AWACS, HH-7D Rescue One, and AH-7B Delta Blade. According to rongYiren, Series B will be listed on the CUUSOO site soon. Unlike Series A, they will not be chibi-style.

If you like Series A and feel it should be made into a real Lego kit, head on over to its project page and give it a vote. Unlike Kickstarter, it doesn't cost anything to support new projects. 

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