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Learn the meaning of friendship with handmade MLP plush

9:00 PM on 11.28.2012 // Emily Smalara

Handmade customs

Here's a little something you pony fans may have missed! Deviantart user Folly Lolly has been hard at work hand crafting My Little Pony's "mane six" cast members, turning the adorable ponies into even more adorable huggable plushes! Plus, there's even fan favorite Derpy Hooves thrown in for good measure.

There are no shortage of pony plushes out there to be sure, but Folly Lolly takes things in a different direction by crafting the cuties in her own style, rather than mimicking the show's design. Fortunately, it works! While it may not be the intention, I can't help thinking of these plushies as showing the cast off when they were wee little fillies, instead of the young adults we've come to love.

While the group is sold out for the time being, Folly Lolly says she'll be restocking them in due time. So keep an eye out on her shop if you've got a soft spot for them!


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