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Latest scans splash some color on Shining Blade's Misty

9:00 AM on 10.23.2012 // Jonathan Tubbs

Tony's Heroines Works continues with ALTER and the Shining series.

We may be more familiar with Tony (Taka)'s Heroines Works for the Vocaloid series but the label is also being applied to the Shining series. ...which I guess makes since as he is the artist for many of the titles to the series. It was at Wonder Festival 2012 Summer that we saw ALTER's 1/7-scale Misty from Shining Blade in a prototype form. It was no doubt looking absolutely amazing.

Now with the latest scans, we get to see Tony's Heroines Works 1/7-scale Misty in color and I don't feel the scan is doing the figure any justice. Red is a pesky color when it comes to something digital and it's very hard to judge the figure because of that. The hair looks wonderful and the splash effect with its transparent color is a nice. I'm just not quite sold cause of the scan quality issues.

What do you think? Need to see something better to make your judgement or were you instantly sold on the prototype at WonFes? Or do you not care because it's the Shining series or Tony Taka and you already have plans to (not) buy it?

[via 2chan]

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