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Last day of Matty sale, other stuff discounted

1:15 PM on 11.26.2012 // Scarecroodle

A doubly disappointing sale

Matty Collector's "Better than Black Friday" sale is in its last day (the sale ends at noon tomorrow, EST) and the majority of the remaining stock has now also received the 30% discount.

I had originally predicted that the sale would be like their previous ones around this time (with much of the year's leftover selection being on sale) but the sale instead only featured Masters of the Universe Classics, Voltron, JLU, and some con offerings. Most of the Masters figures were discounted by 30% right off the bat, but the rest of the items were their original prices. The standard Sorceress I was hoping to buy never even got listed nor did any of the DC Universe figures.

Cyber Monday brought with it a 30% discount off all remaining items (excluding the con-exclusive Temple of Darkness Sorceress variant), an additional 15% off at check-out (excluding Castle Grayskull pre-orders), and half on on USPS ground shipping (again, excluding Grayskull). This would be a great deal had the Voltron lions been among the remaining stock, but four sold out almost immediately with the Green Lion apparently going as well sometime last night... thus ending my hopes of picking up a cheap Voltron lion.

On the plus side, this is still a pretty good sale. The 30% off also seems to apply to their normal stock so this would be a great time to get a cheap Battle Cat or Panthor if you still need one (or the cheaper super-articulate Blazing Sword Voltron). However, it's disappointing that things sold out so quickly (Castle Grayskullman and the Yellow Line were gone immediately) and that so many more (DC Universe Classics, MotUC Sorceress, etc) were never available in the first place.

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