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Landspeeder made of 3000 bricks, sold at nearest cantina

1:00 PM on 01.18.2015 // Oansun

At least they got a fair price.

Not every Lego MOC I see is great enough to be almost ready for stores, but Aaron Fiskum's X34 Landspeeder could get there. It's a very impressive build; all the sides and angles look smooth. You even get a blown engine piece, to show off Luke Skywalker's infallible mechanical repair skills. The windshield would probably need a unique piece because it would be so specific in that scale, so it's hard to fault in that respect. And according to the Brothers Brick, this is only his second MOC build, so we will watch his career with great interest.

He even put in some stickers from other Lego sets to represent Star Wars...unique graphical interface for their super high-tech machines. This would be modeled after Lego's Ultimate Collector's Series line, so it would be super big and make all your friends totally "jelly". Force your droids to ride on the back, without safety harnesses, in STYLE. No mirror included to hide the wheels on the bottom (movie magic!). It might be a tad big in proportion to minifig scale, but the other UCS model's aren't exactly in proportion either. Heck, this could even be the luxury model of the X34: the XL34. Probably would be an easier sell to make enough money to pay off the smugglers you meet in a bar!

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