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Kotobukiya unveils a beautiful new Rei Ayanami

11:30 PM on 12.08.2010

There are a lot of figures of Rei Ayanami, the ice queen from Evangelion, on the market. And while I own a few, I feel like I am missing the definitive Rei figure. None of the previous plugsuit figures are quite what I am looking for, so my Eva collection feels lacking. Thankfully, Kotobukiya has just unveiled this gorgeous new Rei figure that just so happens to be exactly what I was looking for! Her pose also reminds me of a certain other figure I own. They are both based on an illustration which just so happens to feature Asuka with headphones. Umm Kotobukiya, you better make a matching Asuka! Because that would be amazing. 

This new Rei is a bit smaller than Kotobukiya's other plugsuit gals at 1/7 scale, but I feel like her perched-on-debris stance will fit very well with ALTER's new test suit Asuka! Rei retails for ¥7,140 but like always she is much less than retail at Hobby Search and AmiAmi. She is set for a late April release. I wonder if they will make a green suit Mari next? 


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