Kotobukiya teases blurry, Saber-like Cupoche object

Nov 22 // Scarecroodle

What could it be?!

A recent Kotobukiya preview has teased a strange blond, armored Cupoche. I've been told that it bears a striking resemblance to Saber but I'm just not seeing it. Whoever this blond, armored character with a hair strand sticking up may be, she (or he) has a sword with an energy effect that looks really familiar to something I saw in Fate/Stay Night.

Call me crazy, but I think this blurry Cupoche looks better than those non-blurry Cupoches we've seen so far. And I'm certainly looking forward to this blocky, pixellated figure coming out... although I'd obviously settle for a non-blurry version of whoever this is. Hmmm... could be Agrias Oakes. I mean, Agrias is long overdue for a figure.

Well, when we get more information about this Saber-like Cupoche we'll be sure to update you.

[ Kotobukiya ]

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