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Kotobukiya's Vash is up for some love and peace

12:30 AM on 08.23.2012

Tianxiao Ma

Associate Editor

Oh yeah! It's been a long time but another scale figure of Vash the Stampede is on the horizon! We've posted before on Kotobukiya's new Vash. This one hits all the right notes, though in that pose he does look like a super-sized Revoltech.

Vash is one of my very favorite anime characters, and Trigun is one of my favorite shows (the 90s nostalgia is just a bonus, I swear), so I'm going to be all over this pre-order. You can get him for ¥9,500 (pricey but well short of his $$60,000,000,000 bounty), and he'll be hitting stores in January 2013.

[ Pre-order at HobbyLink Japan | Hobby Search | AmiAmi | Otacute | J-List | CD Japan]

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