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Kotobukiya's Nymph is coming soon, get excited

9:00 PM on 01.22.2013 // Tianxiao Ma

Coming January 23

Kotobukiya announced this 1/8-scale Nymph figure to go along with the Sora no Otoshimono movie, and now her arrival is upon us. To mark the occasion they've posted a small gallery on their blog.

There you can get a close look at Nymph's tantalizingly short skirt, as well as her two companions Ikaros and Astraea. They come with little magnetized stands so you can stick them to your fridge (or whatever else you'd stick a magnet to). It's an interesting feature, but I'm not sure if you'd trust magnets to hold your (admittedly minor) figures up.

If you just have to have another Nymph figure, head over to Emily's pre-order post for the links - all of them!

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Tianxiao Ma, Associate Editor
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