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Kotobukiya's Makise Kurisu from Steins;Gate is looking amazing in these new pictures!

10:00 AM on 06.01.2010 // Tomopop Staff

A few days ago, we showed you that a figure of Makise Kurisu went up for order and now, thanks to Akiba Hobby we have a color sample to show you! Many, myself included, had no knowledge of what Steins;Gate was other than it being a video game, but were intrigued by the beautiful character design and sculpting of those gears that makes them seem like they're floating in mid air. Little did I know why that design really caught my eye until I did some research and found that the art was done by Huke of Black Rock Shooter fame, which is one of my all time favorite figures and I love his style in general.

The detailing and shading on the paint on this figure are amazing and the sculpt was beautifully transferred from the original art into this three-dimensional form. Kotobukiya has completely outdone themselves with the intricacy of this piece - she is held up, gears and all, by just her leg! I can't wait to get this figure into my hands. You can even tell from these pictures that her coat is made of suede and the inclusion of her cell phone on one of the gears is amazing!

If you're looking to add this figure to your collection, she's now available up at many retailers such as AmiAmi for 6,250 yen and is due out later this year in September!

[via Akiba Hobby]

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