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Kotobukiya's ArtFX+ Cyborg will round out your team

5:00 PM on 12.29.2012 // Scarecroodle

He slices! He dices! He sonic cannons! Now for just one easy payment of like 40 bucks! But wait! You have to wait because he's not up for pre-order yet

Adding some much-needed diversity to the Kotobukiya's ArtFX+ (New 52) Justice League is Cyborg, the half-robotic ex-Teen Titan, who is the latest recipient of a photo gallery on Kotobukiya's Facebook page.

Cyborg is arguably the most dynamic entry in Kotobukiya's ArtFX+ Justice League line-up, as his pose implies that he's just getting ready for action (or has just finished action?). Cyborg differs from the original art in that his arm-cannon is red rather than yellow (which better matches the rest of his outfit) and the character appears to be looking down.

As with some of the others, Cyborg seems to feature slightly glossy skin and hair; something just seems wrong when the skin looks glossier than the character's actual costume. You'll notice a light reddish spraypaint was applied to the edges of  his cannon, as if to give the appearance that it's glowing, and it almost looks as if the same effect was applied in a smaller degree to other parts of his body. Given that I've never been a fan of the effect, I certainly hope it isn't the case.

Minor issues aside, Cyborg may be the best entry in Kotobukiya's Justice League line which may strike some as odd, considering that Cyborg is a relative unknown compared to commercial powerhouses like Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. That said, it's nice to see Kotobukiya clearly hit one out of the park. Cyborg stands approximately 8.5-inches tall. The ArtFX+ Cyborg is slated for a July release and will presumably have around  a US$40 list price.

[ Kotobukiya's Facebook page ]

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