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Kotobukiya has more Tekken, Shining Blade, and others

10:30 AM on 11.22.2012 // Jonathan Tubbs

Mikoto dresses for the beach again and the Dark Magician Girl poses in a cute super deformed fashion.

Kotobukiya has many titles that it can easily pluck from to bring regular releases and the latest magazine scans show that still to be true. The company has more coming from the Shining series, more for their Tekken Bishoujo series, as well as their new Cu-poche line of super-deformed poseable figures.

The next figure for the Shining series is going to be the 1/8-scale Elmina Rhoderia from Shining Blade. It's something a little different for poses with Elmina holding her hands together to her face with a happy smile. It's a cute pose but the lower half of her body to that pose seems a little unnatural. Not the greatest of figures based on the other Shining releases from Kotobukiya but another one to collect in 2013 for the person that has to have them all.

From Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is the 1/7-scale Tekken Bishoujo Lily to continue this line of Shunya Yamashita art turned figure. Not really seeing anything special about this one but that may be because I'm not too fond of the outfit and hair. That or just because the releases are so frequent, the unique style of Shunya is not really that original anymore. Look for her to be released in April, 2013. Another series being continued is Kotobukiya's new Cu-poche line that takes the super deformed figure idea and make it poseable. Next up is going to be the Black (Dark) Magician Girl from Yu-gi-oh: Duel Monsters but we knew this one was coming since it was shown off last month at the Kotobukiya Hobby Exhibition event.

Finally, fans who have looked at Wave Corporation's Beach Queens Mikoto Misaka from Toaru Kagaku no Railgun and thought 1/10-scale is too small, Kotobukiya may have the answer for you. Coming sometime in 2013 will be the 1/6-scale Mikoto Misaka -Beach Side- swimsuit figure. 1/6-scale seems a bit much for a swimsuit figure but at least Kotobukiya is making it very adorable in design from the smile face, crossing hair, and the way Mikoto is kicking up. Of all these scans, easily the one that has my attention the most which is surprising since it's a swimsuit figure. What about you? Anything you see here that you'll be buying from Kotobukiya?

[via 2chan]

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