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Kotobukiya gives you some audio/visual love for The Joker

3:15 PM on 12.31.2012 // Andres Cerrato

It's no laughing matter for The Killing Joke

Back at NYCC in October, we were given a glimpse of the ARTFX The Joker. Taken right from the cover of The Killing Joke, the sinister smile was captured beautifully by Kotobukiya. We were told that it would not only include the light gimmick, but would also feature sounds. In their latest video, they show exactly how this gimmick will work.

In front of the piece is a motion sensor. When an object passes in front of it, the click of The Joker's camera can be heard. In addition, the light can be adjusted and moved around the piece as you see fit. Personally, I'll move it in front the little cherub thing because it does its job well of creeping me out. Even without the gimmick, it is still a great figure to behold. I just wish it would also feature the laugh as well, as that would just make the perfect surprise for those walking by it.

You can check the ARTFX The Joker from Kotobukiya for yourself after the jump!

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