Kodykoala wants to revisit the zombie motif with another Zombie Luigi

Oct 03 // Chris Pranger

It is impossible to escape both zombies and apparently Kodykoala as they will track you down and, presumably, eat your brain (citation needed). Coming fresh off launching a dedicated store for his custom pieces, Mr. KK is off again doing something crazy with the zombie aesthetic, previously seen afflicting Yoshi and then Luigi. It looks like he wasn't done sending Luigi in search of flesh as he has a new vinyl statue where Zombie Luigi tries to maow down on Mario's head.

Okay, so "creepy" is pretty passé since I'm more inclined to say that this is just cool looking, despite my adamant stance that I want no part of the zombie fad anymore. All of this results as I look at this piece as a badass "Mario with guns" custom rather than a "Luigi, but a zombie" statue. How can I really say no to Mario with a holstered revolver, a knife, and a shotgun in his underachieving brother's decayed face? I can't, that's how.

Kody went ahead and used 5" vinyl figures again with a definite intent to recreate Luigi as closely as he looked when previously zombified. Mario, apparently, hasn't turned up in his zombie pieces, so here ya go, one zombie statue that includes Mario. Sincerely, thank you so much for not making him a zombie as well. But, well, can we have a follow-up statue that shows the very next second? The one with Luigi's brain matter sprayed all over and Mario's face contorted right before he screams some witty catchphrase like "Game Over, f#cker!" Actually, can I have anything where Mario has that soundbite? I would very much appreciate it. Just a suggestion! This custom was up in Kodykoala's online store, but it already sold out within just a few short days. Mario with guns sells!

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