Kodykoala's custom Yoshi will give you the best kind of nightmares

8:00 AM on 12.28.2010

Well, nothing like a little post-Christmas Zombie Yoshi to brighten your mood, eh? Kodykoala, last seen crafting an amazing Yoshi Mech, as well as a number of other custom creations (his Cutaway Mega Man statue may just be for sale again, FYI), has shifted away from the crowded robot market and focused his attention on the crowded zombie market. And you know what? I'm totally fine with that if this is the work he's bringing to the table.

Coming as a tip from sister site Destructoid ( thanks Hamza!), Kodykoala's new take on Yoshi is a frightening spectacle to behold. Inspired by the Robot Chicken episode where Mario and Luigi mistakenly go to Vice City while Yoshi goes to Raccoon City, Kody's custom Yoshi is based on a standard 6" figure from the Super Mario Bros line of toys. It's up on eBay for auction, so you have a chance to throw in a bid before the price goes up past any sane person's threshold and into the realm of the truly worthy.

I'd bid, but I already scared the hell out of my wife and ruined her night by asking for her opinion on which picture to use as the header image. That's at least one less Mario fan bidding, so, any takers?

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