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Custom: Kodykoala: Super Mario Mecha

KodyKoala is back with an interesting take on the Super Mario Powerup theory

12:30 PM on 02.08.2016 // Chris Seto

It all makes sense now!

Ah, super mario. Everyone knows the basic mechanics of the game by now as well as the effects of the power ups such as the stalwart mushroom.

Pick up a mushroom and it makes Mario double in size as well as provide him with an extra hit before he dies. It's something which could have come straight out of Alice in Wonderland! BUT!!! What if it didn't make mario physically grow? What if, instead, the mushroom was some kind of trigger to summon a giant mecha version of Mario to pilot instead? Suddenly, it all makes sense!! The extra hit is because the mecha got destroyed instead of killing the real Mario and the powerups are actually modules to be installed on the mecha? Afterall, Mazinger Z couldn't fly until it got the jet scrander...

That's what we get as the new work from KodyKoala, a giant Mario Mecha and, as you'd expect from any mecha, there's a great deal of maintenance work needed to make sure a mecha can function properly so this new piece of work gives us a glimpse of the work needed behind the scenes! As with his previous works, this diorama is filled with little details, from the toads being busybodies to Luigi hiding underneath the stairs to Donkey Kong giving us the thumbs up!

Now all we need to think up is a cool phrase for Mario to shout out before his new Super Mario mecha appears. I'm quite partial to the G-Gundam or Big O methods, with the mecha shooting out from the ground afterwards. What do you readers think?

If you want more info on the piece or even more pictures to peruse, make sure you check out KodyKoalas website!

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Custom: Kodykoala: Super Mario Mecha

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