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Kingdom Hearts' Shadow Heartless gets the plush treatment

9:00 PM on 11.01.2012 // Natalie Kipper

Minions make the cutest plushes!

I am not a closet Kingdom Hearts fan; I will happily share my enthusiasm with any warm body willing to listen. So when I learned that the first foe from the series, the Shadow Heartless, was going to be made into plush form, I just had to spread the good word. This minion of evil looks slightly stylized, with a rather large head and stomach and wispy limbs. Also, I have to say, I think Square-Enix nailed the look of the Heartless's antennae.

The plush stands at 240 millimeters. He is available for pre-order now for the price of ¥3200 and is scheduled for release early February 2013. I know I look forward to having him and my Wonder Meow plush fight it out on my kitchen table.

[ Pre-order at Hobby Search | ToysLogic ]

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Natalie Kipper, Associate Editor/Plush Guru
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Living in "The Room of a Thousand Eyes," Natalie Kipper is a plush enthusiast who steadfastly refuses to grow up. As a Tomopop Associate Editor, she focuses on plushes of all kinds as well as Dis... more   |   staff directory

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