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Kingdom Hearts 3D Play Arts Kai up for pre-order

1:00 AM on 03.14.2013 // Rio McCarthy

Haven't had enough Riku and Sora? Have some more!

Well, we already knew Sora and Riku were coming to visit us in toy form again, but now you can get your pre-orders in at a larger selection of areas. There is also another surprise, if you hadn't seen it previously, that each character in fact comes with THREE keyblades, and not just two. Sora has the Kingdom Key, Ultima Weapon keyblade, and the Sweet Dreams keyblade. Riku has the Way of the Dawn, Divewing, and Overdrive keyblades. They will also come with four hand pieces.

I won't lie, the Sora figure's face kinda scares me. However, I like Riku's just fine and would actually like to finally own a Riku figure. They're retailing for ¥7,800, but of course you can catch pre-order deals and the like at the links below. These should be releasing in August of this year, so get those pre-orders in if you haven't added these two to your collection yet.

[ Pre-order Sora at AmiAmi | Hobby Search | BBTS ]

[ Pre-order Riku at AmiAmi | Hobby Search | BBTS ]

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