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Kidrobot drops some new releases on Thursday

6:00 PM on 11.13.2012 // Brian Szabelski

Kid Ho-Ho-Ho, Pop! mini-figure series and Kidrobot Black x Staple Design line all to be available

Kidrobot's Dunny Apocalypse Series just launched, but if you expected them to lay low for a while, you were sorely mistaken. This Thursday brings us the releases of four different things from the folks with the robot mascot, and we're about to run down the list for you:

To start, there's a bit of holiday cheer with Kid Ho-Ho-Ho, a Christmas variant on the 'Bot mascot line. The 3-inch-tall Kid Ho-Ho-Ho has his trademark mohawk hidden under a riveted vinyl hat, and 1 in 10 figures will have a "naughty" black-colored chase. They'll be US$11.95 (£9.60, €11.10) and available at Kidrobot stores and

Then, there's two blind-boxed series on the way, the Pop! 'Corns and Pups mini series. As you might have guessed, they are indeed balloon animals, 3 inches tall and cast in vinyl, with a shiny metallic paint job in 10 different colorways. They'll be US$7.95 US (£6.50, €7.50) each at select retailers, Kidrobot stores and

Finally, there's the new Kidrobot Black x Staple Design line, all of which is launching Thursday. Done in black with CMYK accents will be four T-shirts (US$38 each), a hat (US$45), a sling bag (US$160), and most importantly for us, a Kidrobot Black version of the Staple Pigeon (US$100, limited to 200 pieces worldwide).

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