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Kickstarter for urban vinyl documentary gets some help

10:00 AM on 02.26.2013 // Pedro Cortes

Donations abound!

With the rise of Kickstarter, just about anybody can attempt to get their idea funded. Some of those ideas, not very good. However, sometimes something interesting will pop up that deserves to get funded, if just because nobody else would fund a particular project.

Take Jordan Ahern, who is trying to get a documentary on urban vinyl art funded. The project, which is at $9,391 of its $13,660 goal, states that Ahern will interview the artists about their "careers and opinions" of the current industry, traveling around the US and into Europe. While that in itself is pretty interesting, the amount of support that Ahern has received from the community is what is truly impressive. Tons of artists like Spanky Stokes, Lou Pimentel, JFURY, Plaseebo and more have donated figures as incentives for people who support the project. Check out the Kickstarter page for a full list of artists and which pieces are still available. Ahern's Kickstarter is set to close on March 15th. You can also follow Ahern on his Facebook page and/or his Tumblr.

I always love to see how a community steps up to support one of their own. In this case, it's an artist who is going out to make a documentary about something that hasn't gotten a lot of attention outside of a few particular customizers. I get a strong Indie Game: the Movie vibe from what Ahern has posted. I'd love to see something like for a group as diverse as the urban vinyl community. If you love the stuff that customizers put out, it'll probably be worth your while to toss down a couple bucks and see that this flick gets made.

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