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Katosuki brings us one fine looking American Panther custom action figure

12:00 PM on 09.16.2011 // Chris Pranger

Ooh yeah, what I see in my mighty gaze at this very second is a well articulated action figure based off of both Captain America and Black Panther. While it's obvious that I, as a good American child, love Captain America, what you may not know is that T'Challa is all levels of kick ass and therefore on my short list of super heroes I'd love on my side in a bad situation. Seriously, he may look like Batman, but this is one African ruler who knows his way around an advanced civilization. Anyway, that's off topic a bit, but what's on topic is a mash-up of Cap and Black Panther, which has been lovingly recreated for you all thanks to custom figure maker Katosuki.

The full name for the custom job is American Panther Fear Itself, though in the description we learn that the majority of the figure comes from a Marvel Legends Punisher figure with some straps from a classic Captain America. So hey, at least there's some Cap in there! I just love that the figure retains its ability to have full movement despite the alterations. Doesn't it just look like it's fun to pose and play with? And with the sweet accessories, who can say no?

So what do you Tomoguys and Tomogals think of American Panther there? I need to read his storylines to get a full sense of the awesome that is contained within that manly suit, but at the very least I like the custom figure here. If only it were in my hands instead of just a picture on a computer screen.

[via Toycutter]

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Chris Pranger,
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