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Kaiyodo to release Lupin the III Revoltech figures and they look... horrendous

4:00 PM on 06.30.2010 // Jonathan Tubbs

It has been revealed in a magazine scan that Kaiyodo will be releasing Revoltech figures from the popular classic manga and anime Lupin the III. Our own Brian called it at the beginning of the year, though it was for Figma figures. I even commented that I would kill for Figma releases of the Lupin cast. And for Figma versions we still wait as Kaiyodo's version of Lupin and Jigen are... are... well, these are just atrocious.

I was exploding with joy when the tip came in while I was at work. "Finally! Poseable Lupin figures is going to be awesome" is what I was telling myself. Unfortunately that joy would turn into disgust once I had a chance to inspect the scanned image. What on earth did you do, Kaiyodo? Joints don't commonly bother me but this is so unappealing in appearance. It's a train wreck. Why the joints in the shoulders? What's going on with their upper body? The tie looks like it is coming out of their chest. This is so disappointing. I love that Jigen and Lupin share the same body mold, too. Aye...

These really could have been decent figures if Kaiyodo didn't put so many joints in the upper body. No release details are available, yet. Max Factory, please swoop in and correct this monstrosity. Forget this. I'll just go static and get Dive's version of Jigen.

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