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Kaitendoh readies an Ano Natsu Ichika prototype for bed

10:00 AM on 10.30.2012 // Jonathan Tubbs

Prototype photos from Kaitendoh show Ichika dressed in sleepwear from the anime.

With pre-orders opening up for Nendoroid Kanna Tanigawa yesterday, I figured things would be quiet for Ano Natsu de Matteru figures. Nope! Kaitendoh updated their blog with a preview of an upcoming figure of Ichika that was originally revealed at Wonder Festival 2012 Summer.

Ichika is sculpted to be in the sleepwear she borrows early in the show, one that she complains about being a bit revealing. Oh, Kaitendoh, why am I not surprised? Well, I'm always complaining about figures being in the usual school uniform or swimsuit so I guess... Kaitendoh's Ichika does offer something different. Well played, Kaitendoh. The pose itself is bland and there really isn't much detail to offer from what Ichika is wearing so the figure looks boring in its current state.

Ichika is a beautifully designed character so maybe once paint is applied my view might change. Given what she is wearing, I don't see my opinion changing that much. What do you say? Is this already a pass for you and will you wait until you see the Kaitendoh's Ichika painted?

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