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K'Nex Super Mario Brothers Wii blind bag code cracked

10:30 PM on 02.19.2013 // Scarecroodle

And the answer isn't up up down down left left right right B A

For all you cheaters out there, Nightram over at Video Game Memorabilia Museum has posted the answers to K'Nex's blind bag code for their Super Mario Brothers Wii blind bags. Rather than go with an 8 digit code with their UPC like last time, K'Nex has opted for a 7 digit code that makes use of single underlines for seven of the figures while using a double underline for the remaining two figures. The codes are as follows:

Mario - 0512310
Fire Mario - 0512310
Luigi - 0512310
Ice Luigi - 0512310
Yellow Yoshi - 0512310
Blue Yoshi - 0512310
Yellow Toad - 0512310
Blue Toad - 0512310 (double underline)
Peach - 0512310 (double underline)

To determine which figure is contained in the pack, just look at the numbers under the bar code. If the numbers are the same (which they should be, unless K'Nex decides to change the codes mid-run) then the results should be what you see above. If there's an error, let me know so I can make an adjustment.

Video Game Memorabilia Museum ]

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