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Justin Bieber action figures are great toys for your baby, baby, baby, oh baby

1:05 PM on 09.30.2010 // Tomopop Staff

Ok, I actually wouldn't advise giving one of these to an infant due to the whole choking hazard and all, but I really have no clue who the target audience is for this. The world's favorite butch lesbian seems to be more of a hit with the kind of crowd that is "too old" for toys, older collectors hate Bieber, and anyone younger would have to have some crazy imaginations to even remotely have fun with this. On the plus side, it seems like your Obama action figure can now have a friend, or you could just be like me and want one of these for the endless possibility of photo opportunities with say our dear friend Woody.

If you're German for Bieber, who apparently killed some people in an episode of CSI and allegedly called himself the Kurt Cobain of his generation, you can get one for yourself fairly soon in one of three different forms. There will be a regular action figure for $17.99, a version that will sing to you for $27.99, a set of microphones that play his music for $14.99, and a Justin Bieber plush for $7.99. Expect these to be the hot toy for Christmas, but more importantly, does anyone know if these double as voodoo dolls?

[via Toy News International]

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