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Jude Mathis is released: ALTaiR posts assembly advice

8:00 AM on 04.25.2013 // Jon Wills

Tips to keep Jude looking good

Yes! There is lots of good news for Tales fans this morning. ALTaiR's Jude Mathis from Tales of Xillia just shipped out to buyers. I'm hoping that mine shows up early next week.

ALTaiR just kindly released some assembly advice on their blog which people who purchased the figurine may want to review. Hit the jump to see a few basic instructions on how to safely assemble him.

via ALTaiR's blog

ALTaiR says that all of these instructions should be included on a piece of paper inside of every figure. However I figure posting this in advance may help collectors out so that they know what to look out for.

Plastic tends to expand or shrink slightly based on temperature, so when you assemble Jude Mathis pay special attention to his neck to make sure the fit is tight. If it is not, then place him in a slightly warmer room for a few hours then try to carefully disconnect, then reconnect his head to make the fit better.

When attaching his head to his body do not apply pressure as shown above. You can easily damage his clothing around his neck or his arm if you do this incorrectly. Jude is a handsome guy; let's keep him looking handsome folks! 

It is much safer to attach his head like this.

Lastly, ALTaiR suggests that when attaching Jude's feet to his base that they both go down evenly onto their pegs at the same time. All of this may seem like common sense advice, but I hope that by sending this out people may enjoy the Jude Mathis figures that they ordered all that much more. He is sold out in many places right now, and a good looker like him won't be around for long unless he is reprinted. Let's enjoy and protect every one of our Judes!

via ALTaiR's blog

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