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Jin Saotome's latest customs make me shout Crikey!

8:00 AM on 11.05.2011 // Andres Cerrato

There are a couple of things I would never expect to see. Jin Saotome's latest custom figures have shrunk that list by 2, as he's created a crocodile-armored Steve Irwin and his arch-nemesis, the Death Ray sting ray. I imagine that some could find this a bit tasteless, but I'll take the humor in stride and just enjoy the sheer novelty of a Steve Irwin that has a rocket crocodile punch.

All jokes aside, I'm thoroughly impressed by this set of customs. Steve has the aforementioned crocodile head rocket punch, a hovering board using hawk wings, and the scaled-hide of the croc providing much needed armor. Death Ray is certainly no less entertaining, as the prospect of a anthropomorphic  sting ray in possession of a death ray is rather frightening. I'd only trust one man to the task, so croc-armored Steve Irwin, save us all. I would love to have these, but knowing how most auctions of his work goes, I won't be able to afford them. Such is life stopping me from owning a risen from the dead, croc-armored Steve Irwin.

You can check out more of the images in the gallery below as well as more of Jin's custom figures at his website.

[Images via Jin Saotome's Twitter]



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