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Jin Saotome's custom Mega Man is what the world needs now

4:45 PM on 12.25.2011 // Chris Pranger

Merry Christmas to everyone, and what better way to spread the cheer on a joyous day such as this than with a brand new custom action figure from Jin Saotome, one of my favorite custom figure designers. He's brought us so many awesome things thus far (I'll save you from yet another link to my Show and Tell of his custom Shyguy), but I may be most excited for the figures on the horizon as Jin is going out of his way to make my dreams come true. Why? Because he's made a custom Mega Man. Truly the Lord's work is being done here!

This custom version of the Blue Bomber has been assembled from a variety of other figures, as is the norm, but I'm always amazed with how strange the choices are. The majority of the body comes from an Armored Avenger Titanium Man and a DC Direct Flashpoint Cyborg for the arms and legs, though I'm most fascinated by the head, which comes from a Cloud Strife figure with an entirely new sculpted Mega Man helmet. Awesome! The Mega Buster is from from mysterious origins (but still looks perfect) and has two magnetic attachments- a blast and an elec-shield- that come courtesy of a Fantastic Four movie Doctor Doom.

I'm in complete astonishment at the work here because it's just so very good. To put this in perspective, I'm taking time out of my Christmas Day festivities to write this up purely because the custom excites me that much. But wait, there's more! If Jin's short Twitter conversation with me can be trusted, Mega Man is just the first of many getting custom work done. Vile, Bass, Zero, and a variety of Robot Masters are all in the works. And will they be on eBay? It sure sounds so, but nothing's listed just yet, so keep any eye peeled on Jin's eBay auction page.

Mega Man has been enduring a raw deal from Capcom recently with Mega Man Legends 3 getting cancelled and no appearance in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, but this may just make up for things entirely. My big question though regards the Robot Masters on Jin's list. Will we see Cutman, Metalman, and Snakeman? That'd be my vote! Anyone else having a nerdgasm from these? Which Robot Masters/Mega Man characters are you hoping to see? Jin, you keep up the good fight!

Update: The eBay auction is now up and it's apparent that it will quickly be out of my price range. Good luck Mega Man buyers!

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Chris Pranger,
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