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Jin Saotome's custom-built Pyre figure is worth your time and money

12:00 PM on 11.03.2011 // Chris Pranger

Yes, I am a fan of Jin Saotome. I am extremely biased on this, as not only does he make absolutely Top Shelf toys, he sometimes shares them with me. More of you should be following his example! And I don't just mean by giving me stuff, but rather the level of quality that glistens from each and every custom piece of his. His most recent addition to the Pantheon of Greatness is a wholly unique creation known as Pyre, and hot damn is it on fire.

Jin's currently putting together a personal series of customs he's calling the Machine Head line, each with black suits and different proportions. Pyre has long claws and fire, hence the name. Pieces are coming from every which-way to assemble this 6-inch figure, with a head coming from a Mt. Freeze action figure, the upper torso getting swiped from a Shocker Toys Shadowhawk (hey look, they're finally good for something!), hands from a Generator Rex Bio-Wolf, and Iron Fist flames for the finishing touch. Sprinkle in some extra pieces from here and there and you've got yourself a winner.

Best part? Jin's not some greedy guy hoarding these all for himself and and only himself. On the contrary, he's a greedy guy who's giving you a chance to purchase this yourself via a fairly-priced ebay bid. Currently there are only 7 bids, placing this at USD$31, which is way underselling the figure. I'd hop on this right now if you have the chance. In fact, I might just do that. Jin! You keep the good work coming! Don't let anyone stifle your dreams! Anyone out there feel like stifling his dreams?

[via Toycutter]

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