Jeff Lamm's M5, Stee-Gar have first separate releases

7:00 PM on 11.14.2012

Brian Szabelski


Formerly paired together, Unbox Industries offering "open edition" of both for US$45 each

For those who've followed the work of Jeff Lamm, M5 and Stee-Gar should be familiar faces. They're two of his most recognizable characters alongside Greasebat, and they've always been paired together for releases. But now, Unbox Industries is splitting them apart: for the first time, they're making the original colorways of M5 and Stee-Gar available as individual figures. Better yet, they're "open edition" pieces, meaning everyone will have a shot to own one (or both, if you choose).

Want to pick one up? The original colorway M5 and Stee-Gar are now available for US$45 each. I think the whole idea is pretty neat and I'd love to see other open editions for basic figures; what do you think?

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