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James Farr's Dirge: A different kind of zombie

3:19 PM on 03.10.2008 // Qais Fulton

I am a zombie fanatic.  I love all things about the fictional worlds in which the undead stumble across wasted landscapes in search of tasty, tasty brains; going so far as to map out my plan for when the zombie apocalypse finally happens (and believe me, it will happen).  While I might be a little fanatical in my love for the undead, even those with only a passing interest in the genre can appreciate this Dirge figure from James Farr's Xombie:Reanimated, a flash cartoon and comic book.

For those unfamiliar with the character, Dirge is a zombie that fights his unearthly cravings alongside his human companions, often lamenting the inconveniences of undeath in a hilariously pessimistic fashion.  Dirge is being stands 8" tall, features four points of articulation, and comes with his appropriate weapon of choice, a shovel. A limited run of 400 red versions of Dirge will be available when the figure is released in June while the standard edition features Dirge's blue pallor.

[Via Vinylpulse

Qais Fulton,
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