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It's Transformers vs. the ball in the MENSA voting finals

8:00 PM on 11.20.2012 // Jeremy Emerje Crocker

It's robots that can take any number of forms versus an object that comes in a limited number of shapes.

MENSA (yeah, that MENSA) has been holding their Toys Bracket Challenge since since mid-October and we've now come down to the finals! It's the action figure juggernaut known as the Transformers battling it out against the timelessness of the ball. The brackets were broken into 4 regions: 'Timeless', Pre-1950s, 1950-1980, and 1981-present. From the Timeless region the ball beat out the tea set (1340-94), the jump rope (871-141), the cardboard box (490-254), Teddy Bear (263-102), and from the Pre-1950s bracket the toy train (532-194). From the 1950-1980 region the Transformers overcame the Tamagotchi (1214-394), My Little Pony (1049-160), G.I.Joe (640-249), RC cars (217-158), and from the 1950-1980 bracket narrowly beat out LEGO (444-429).

So, who will come out on top in this final battle between the Transformers and the ball? That's for you to decide. Just go over to the Round 6 bracket and place your vote. Anyone can vote, you don't have to be a member of MENSA and you don't have to sign-up for anything. Just make your selection and press a button. The winner is due to be announced in January.

Jeremy Emerje Crocker, Associate Editor
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