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It's prize figures aplenty in the latest magazine scans

12:00 AM on 11.23.2012 // Jeremy Emerje Crocker

Banpresto, FuRyu, and Sega prize show off their latest cute moe girl figures in these new scans.

This time around from the wonderful world of magazine scans we get some serious offerings from the big three in the realm of prize figures: Banpresto, FuRyu, and Sega Prize. All three look to be bringing their A-game, giving us a look at figures or some major titles, two are even handling the same property in their own way! Let's just cut to the chase and check 'em out:

Banpresto is all about the magical girls this months giving us a peek at new figures from Smile Precure! and Madoka Magica. From Precure we get the princess version of Cure Happy as part of the DXF Girls line. It's a nice looking figure, but her smile isn't quite as big as you'd expect from a character named Happy. She'll be 150mm (about 5.85 inches) tall, a good size for a prize. On the Puella Magi Madoka Magica side we get a new figure of Madoka herself. As part of the SQ (Super Quality) line we're treated a very high-end prize figure. Not only does she have a great looking sculpt with lots of detail and a nice pose, but she's also quite big, measuring in at 200mm (about 7.87 inches) tall! Both figures will be out this December.

FuRyu is giving a pair of girls from Accel World the royal treatment. We've only recently seen the 'Black King' Kuroyukihime figure in color with only a photo stand in of 'Red King' Yuniko Kouzuki. This is our first good look at Yuniko which has a great sculpt on par with Kuroyukihime. They both measure 140mm or about 5.46 inches tall sitting. It's too bad FuRyu's weak point is face sculpts, they never seem to have the right details. Plus I'm pretty sure Kuroyukihime's eyes are going two different directions! Real shame, but if you like them you can look for them to link up in January 2013.

FuRyu is also taking on the monster-sized project Love Live! School Idol Project, a massive undertaking developed by Sunrise, Lantis, and ASCII Media Works that allows fans to decide the future of the idols. Already phone polls have been used to help decide the different aspects of the idols from hair to costume. So why on Earth did FuRyu decide to take three of the idols-- Honoka Kousaka, Kotori Minami, and Umi Sonoda-- and put them in generic school uniforms rather than idol outfits? Even more so it's strange that they're all wearing the same color uniform. I don't know a whole lot about Love Live!, but the images that FuRyu originally used for place holders had them all in different colored skirts. That aside they're decent looking figures. They come in at 160mm or 6.24 inches and will be out in January 2013 as well.

And then there was Sega Prize. Hey, look, another Tamaki Kousaka figure! There's no shortage of Tamaki figures, says this is one of the latest of 210 different Tamaki figures out there! Oh, but this one isn't based on To Heart 2, this one is based on her appearance in the arcade fighting game Aquapazza. I guess that makes all the difference in the world. At least its a nice looking figure with a great sculpt coming in at 210mm (8.27 inches) with some really nice paint details If you missed her the other 209 times or just need another Tamaki figure in your live she'll be out way off in May 2013.

Sega is the second company here to take on Love Live! with their new HONOKA:Snow halation figure based on Honoka Kousaka. Snow halation is the name of Love Live!'s second single and animated short video, likely a reference to the glow you see when light hits snow. This is the type of figure that FuRyu should have made as we see Honoka in a winter themed idol costume complete with coat and boots. She's getting a top-notch sculpt with lots of folds and ruffles along with a ton of paint applications. She's hitting the 210mm (8.27 inch) mark as well and will be out in February 2013.

Finally we see Sega Prize hit up the old standby, K-ON!, with a pair of of fun new figures featuring Azusa Nakano and Mio Akiyama. The Azusa figure, titled Guitar, Elite, features her in a very energetic, bouncy pose, all balanced on one foot. It's a very complex figure and I love the way her hair looks like it's being flung around as she moves. The Mio figure, Lefty, Rock'n Roll!!, is more reserved, but no less intricate as it adds a mic stand into the mix along with her bass guitar. Both girls are sporting their HTT logo shirts and school skirts and shoes making for a very dynamic pair of figures that'll look great together. Both figures will tower in at 220mm or 8.66 inches and will see release sometime in 2013.

So, see anything you like? Don't let the overall low price of prize figures scare you off, they're the perfect low-cost alternative to higher priced scale figures and statues!

[via 2chan]

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