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It's not over for Wild Arms 2 with Over Knight Blazer

2:00 PM on 11.09.2012 // Jonathan Tubbs

Bandai releases an updated D-Arts Knight Blazer from this classic PlayStation RPG.

Earlier this year, Bandai made a rather surprising announcement with the release of D-Arts Knight Blazer from the 1999 PlayStation role-playing game Wild Arms 2nd Ignition. It was then after Knight Blazer's release that Bandai announced a follow up with D-Arts Over Knight Blazer.

So what's special about Over Knight Blazer? Well, surprisingly it's not just a simple new paint job. The mold has been completely updated. There are some similarities but Bandai didn't go cheap on this one which would explain why it's currently exclusive to the Premium Bandai shop. The golden knight comes with completely new armor pieces, feet, as well as updated swords. It's very impressive and makes me want to immediately replace the regular Knight Blazer figure.

Again, the Wild Arms 2 D-Arts Over Knight Blazer is exclusive to Bandai's store but you can get it through special services like BigInJapan who is asking for about ¥1,000 more over the ¥4,725 price from Bandai. Not bad. I figured Over Knight Blazer would cost something that's OVER 9... NO! I'm not doing that! Seeing Over Knight Blazer as he is, do you see yourself adding such a rare character release being added to your collection?

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