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Is Good Smile getting into the lottery game?

1:00 PM on 11.16.2012

Brian Szabelski


Mikatan tweets new teaser site

Late last night in the U.S. (and early morning in Japan), Mikatan tweeted out a link to a teaser site, the one you see above that mysteriously says "2012.11.22 Special Site Open". What set off our alarm bells was the address of the site:, as in Ichiban Kuji or Happy Kuji, two previous lotteries we've covered many times before on Tomopop. Mikatan mentioned the phrase "グッスマくじ" (or Good Smile Kuji) in her tweet as well.

So what's it all mean? Is Good Smile hopping on the lottery bandwagon in Japan? We won't find out until next Thursday, it seems, but if we get any more info, we'll let you know.

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